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WIT Committee

Alex Green

Hi, I’m Alex- President of WIT! 


I’m a second year studying Theology and Religion at St. John’s. I’m so excited to be a part of this group and to help build an inclusive and safe community for womxn in theology at Oxford, and can’t wait to welcome new members and get to know you all!


A little bit about me- I’m a Cornish first-generation University student who’s passionate about encouraging and supporting other non-traditional Oxford students! I’m fascinated by feminism and Eastern religions, and in my free time you’re likely to find me reading about one or the other, whilst listening to the entire Taylor Swift discography, with an overpriced coffee and cookie.

Get in touch with Alex if you have any ideas or questions about WIT!


Rūta Ashworth

Hi! I’m Ruta - social media officer of WIT.

I’m in my second year studying Philosophy and Theology at Keble College. I hope to share and discover the stories and achievements of female theologians (both old and modern), who have been so often overlooked; and am excited to do so in a community of fellow theologians sharing similar interests!

About me – I love art, especially painting, although have very little patience, so rarely finish a project. I am half Lithuanian- the last country in Europe to convert to Christianity, (and even then people only did so because if you converted you got a free shirt)- which is one of my favourite facts! My absolute favourite place to be is by the sea with a good Dostoevsky book.

Niamh Hardman

Hi there, I'm Niamh and I'm the blog manager for WIT! 

I'm in my first year studying Theology and Religion at St John's College. 

I love exploring a diverse range of beliefs, opinions and research pieces and strive to reflect a wide range of voices on our blog. If you feel particularly passionate about theology then I want to hear your story! 

By day, I'm most often trying out as many independent cafes in Oxford as I can and by night you're quite likely to find me sat in a pub discussing the most niche topics imaginable. I'm also an Editor for Cherwell's 'Profiles' section and passionate about journalism and writing more widely. 

Reach out to Niamh if you have any pitches or questions about contributing to the blog.
We'd love to read any and every piece, no experience required!


Sarah Kime 

Hey! I’m Sarah, your Freshers Rep!


I’m currently in my first year studying Theology and Religion at St John’s College.


I am super excited to have an excuse to extrovert and chat to you about all things Theology! I am your resident Geordie lass from Newcastle, who has a very niche interest in Biblical Hebrew and the etymology and semantics of words within the Hebrew Bible! It’s so cool! I think it is super important to be a womxn studying these texts, especially due to a rich and prominent history of androcentrism within the scholarly and ministerial field.


In my free time, you’ll likely catch me waking up ridiculously early for rowing, or taking study breaks on walks around Oxford!

Want to get involved with the committee? 

Applications are currently open for roles in Womxn in Theology! We are actively seeking an Events Manager and Treasurer. 

Further information and application form is available to find through the WIT instagram (@womxnintheology) 

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