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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

We are 'Womxn in Theology': both a support group and a space for both undergraduate and postgraduate female-identifying students within the Theology and Religious Studies department. We created this group in response to observations and discussion with faculty and students which centered around how female-identifying students may feel isolated in the department. 

We welcome any female-identifying student (undergraduate or postgraduate) studying Theology and Religious Studies at Oxford to participate in help making Oxford a supportive space for all womxn. We encourage any level of involvement in the group as we aim to cultivate an environment for womxn to express their perspectives.

Our main goals are to help womxn:

NETWORK with other female-identifying students in the department to foster solidarity and mentorship.

SUPPORT womxn’s perspectives by providing a space to hear concerns within Theology and Religious Studies.

AMPLIFY womxn’s voices to acknowledge them and ensure that we are heard in and beyond the department.

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